James Campbell, Consultant/Trainer

How CalSFS started

Jim is a very hard working individual that loves to help people in any way that he can. Prior to opening this consulting firm, Jim was an EMT/Paramedic in Arizona, Florida, and California. Jim also commanded an urban search and rescue team located out of Redding, California.

While continuing his education and training, Jim decided it was time to put all of his hard work and knowledge into something “worthwhile”, and that is how California Safety & Fire Specialists came to be.

“We’re a small and growing consultancy. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you develop a safety plan for your working environment. NOW is the best time to do it, so why wait, let’s meet​”

James Campbell, Principal CalSFS

Why Select Cal SFS
for your safety training requirements?

Over 25 years of experience

With over 25 years of experience in work place safety and disaster preparedness, Jim Campbell has handled all types of emergency situations. From small shoring questions to actual disaster preparedness abroad, Mr. Campbell has done and seen it all and is willing to take his experience anywhere that is needed.

Vast "hands on" experience

Jim not only has the training and certifications for this unique consultation firm, he also has “hands on” experience in many or our world’s greatest disasters. He was one of the first responders during the 9/11 search and rescue operations. In hurricane Rita, Jim was busy rescuing two young adults that were trapped in their mobile home. During the rescue efforts in Haiti, Jim and his team were focusing on a school girl for over 5 hours because her brother said she “was his only family left”.The Tsunami in Japan was so devastating but Jim, along with his team, were there for over 8 days in the mayhem.

Based in Southern California

A small, hard-working consulting firm based out of Orange County, CA. Established in 2007, Mr. Campbell took his knowledge, hands on training, experience, and created this very specialized and unique company. There is not another firm out there that can compare to CalSFS. Hours of certification and training have come into play for

A little personal info

Jim also has first hand knowledge and experience as he also responded to such disasters as: Hurricane Katrina, the tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri and Moore, Oklahoma (those are only naming a few).

Jim loves NHRA drag racing (funny car is his favorite event) and he even obtained his private pilot license, so he could take his friends “flying” in his spare time!

In Jim's spare time, he drives an NHRA nitro funny car for the Jim Dunn Racing team, mentoring under a legend in the sport - Jim Dunn!